Mussalmaan Musclemen. Opening Reception for the Art of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

January 6, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
470 Castro St
San Francisco, CA 94114
Baruch Porras Hernandez

For the past 13 years Magnet has been exhibiting the work of a local Gay or Queer artist once a month. We have worked with local artists, national artist, and international artists that are important parts of the Gay/Queer Communities. For the month of January our first exhibition of 2017 will be work of Zulfika Ali Bhutto!
Join us January 6th for an Opening Reception at Strut, to celebrate his work, eat some free snacks, and enjoy some free drinks. See you there!
The Art Opening starts at 8 PM sharp, and will go till 10 PM. Free drinks and light snacks will be provided.
Please contact our Community Organizer Baruch Porras Hernandez at if you have any questions. And don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook.

Mussalmaan Musclemen, Mussalmaan being the Urdu word for a Muslim man, attempts to articulate a new language. It lifts images from an Urdu translation of an exercise manual written by Arnold Shwarznager in the early 1980s. The book exists neither fully in the East or the West but in a space of its own creation. American models perform for a Western male gaze but the Urdu script appeals to a South Asian audience. There is a naïve homo-sociality to the book and it descends swiftly into homoeroticism.
In order to further the ambiguity of the book I scan certain pages and re-print them onto cotton fabric. Through the more craft and feminine traditions of fabric collage and embroidery I can re-imagine a new form of masculinity, literally deconstructing in order to re-construct in the in-between space that is this translation.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is an artist of mixed Pakistani and Lebanese descent. He sees his body caught in the middle of complex identity politics formed by centuries of colonialism and exacerbated by contemporary international politics. In his work he explores queer politics and how it exists in a constant in-between and non-aligned space. Working with textiles allows Bhutto to investigate masculinity’s fragility, replacing hard muscle with soft fabric and male cultural dominance with all enveloping, nurturing and feminine cloth.

For more, go to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s webpage.