Sex, Partying, Harm Reduction and Safer Using Resources

For many of us, substances are part of our world. Maybe it’s meth, alcohol, speed, or another drug of choice. Whatever you use, substances can affect your physical, mental, sexual and social health. Get information, support and resources to understand your substance use and the role is plays in your life. If you’re interested in changing, managing or reducing your use, or simply reducing the harm it can cause you, check out the resources below.
For gay guys who use crystal meth, this site includes information about how speed affects the body and the mental, sexual and social aspects of guy’s lives. Find discussion forums, tips for safer using and strategies for cutting back and quitting .

“Crystal and Our Sex Lives” Pamphlet
Read more about why meth gets tied up with sexuality, why this can cause problems and what to do about it.

The Speed Project
The Speed Project is a program of San Francisco AIDS Foundation for gay, bi and heteroflexible guys who party with speed. The program provides information and resources so that guys can reduce the harm caused by their use, or manage, reduce or stop their use. It hosts free drop-in groups, an “Over the Influence” book club, and wellness sessions.

“PNP Hookup Tips” Pamphlet
Read tips, directly from guys who party with speed, about how to avoid pitfalls associated with hooking up on crystal.

Speedometer Zine
Speedometer is a publication for guys who party with speed who are over age 18. It shares personal stories, interviews, opinions, harm reduction tips, quality porn, artwork, articles and information about local health, social services and drug treatment providers.

Risk Reduction Info for Raw Sexers
Bareback Health provides information and resources for men who have made a decision not to use condoms so they can reduce their risk of transmitting and acquiring HIV and other STIs. Find articles about safer barebacking considerations, serosorting and the good, bad and ugly things about meth.
Project Neon provides information about crystal meth, HIV, hepatitis and other STIs to gay, bi and trans men. It provides accurate and truthful information about how crystal meth affects the mind and body, options for reducing sexual and drug using risks associated with crystal, and free help to better manage or stop crystal use. NEON is a program of Seattle Counseling Service.
This online library contains information about psychoactive plants,  chemicals and the complex relationship between humans and psychoactive substances. The site is owned and maintained by the educational nonprofit Erowid.
The Harm Reduction Coalition is a national advocacy and educational organization that promotes the health and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by drug use. It provides information on overdose prevention, syringe access and safer using. People who use drugs and others can find videos, podcasts, webinars and written resources about reducing the harm caused by substances.
If you use club drugs, read more from DanceSafe, a national nonprofit, about how to use substances at events more safely. Read about heatstroke, managing your use, getting home safely and drug checking.
Use drugs more safely. Read about injection practices that will help you take better care of your veins and reduce the likelihood of disease transmission. Watch a video on how to deliver naloxone if someone you know overdoses. And find other resources about hepatitis and overdose. The site is operated by the Chicago Recovery Alliance.
Bluelight is an international message board that educates the public about responsible drug use (with a focus on MDMA) by promoting free discussion.