Apps to help you change your drinking habits

Whether you’re trying to remain sober, cut back or just get a handle on how much you drink each day, these mobile apps can help. Google the app names to find them. Some are free and some cost a few bucks.

Apps Supporting Abstinence Goals

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson. Learn relaxation techniques and use visualization tools to handle stress without turning to alcohol.

12 Steps AA Companion. Reference “The Big Book” text wherever you go and maintain a running sobriety calendar.

Apps Supporting Managed Use Goals

Saying When: How to quit drinking or cut down. Get help tracking your drinking and work toward reduced use goals.

Control Alcohol. Understand how much you’re drinking, learn when to stop, and cut back your consumption.

Lift—Daily Motivation. Get personal coaching to help you with goals that you set.

DrinkControl. See how much you’re drinking compared to ‘suggested limits.’

IntelliDrink. Track your blood alcohol content (BAC) as you drink and compare your drinking profile with that of a friend’s.

BAC Alcohol Calculator. Estimate your BAC. The app allows you to choose from more than 30 drinks.

R-U-Buzzed? Decide if you’re too drunk to drive based on how much you’ve consumed. The app also helps you locate a nearby taxi if you need to catch a ride.

Last Call. Predict when your BAC will be highest based on what you drink.

ALCulator. Calculate your BAC.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker. Keep track of your BAC including when you’re over the limit and when you’re sober.

Drinking Buddy. Keep track of your drinking habits and compare how much you drink to how much your friends drink on Facebook.

iDrinkSmarter. Stay in the “green zone” of enjoyable (and safer) alcohol use.

Party Drug App

DanceSafe Mobile. Get facts and emergency information about drugs that can helps keep you safe at raves and dance parties.

Stress Reduction Apps

Mindfulness Meditation. Find calm and reduce stress through guided mindfulness meditation.

Breathe2Relax. Manage your emotions, lower your blood pressure and feel more relaxed through breathing exercises.