BETA Blog articles about African Americans and HIV

BETA Blog features regular articles about HIV and its impact on the African-American community. Here are a few articles to get you started:

What Can We Do to Improve the Health of Gay Black Men?

Three experts—in community education and outreach, research, and policy—weigh in about the state of Black gay men’s HIV health. They discuss what we can do, and what we are already doing, to improve HIV prevention and treatment for Black gay men in our community and country.
BETA Blog: What Can We Do?

PrEP Enrollment: Where Are the Young Black Guys?

Out of all gay and bisexual men in the U.S., the highest percent of new HIV infections occur in African-American men. Yet African-American men may be less likely to hear and talk about Truvada-PrEP to prevent HIV and less likely to ultimately access it than men of other demographics. Find out from Hyman Scott, MD, why this might be, and what we can do about it.
PrEP Enrollment: Where Are the Young Black Guys?

PrEP Adherence Challenges of Young Black Gay Men

Because young Black gay men in the U.S. are affected by HIV at much higher rates than other groups of people, PrEP may be an especially useful prevention strategy for people in this demographic group. At the 2015 International AIDS Conference, Sybil Hosek, PhD, presented results from a PrEP demonstration project showing that—while PrEP may be attractive and feasible for some young men—there is still much to learn about how PrEP can be used to lessen the HIV health disparities faced by young Black gay men.
BETA Blog: PrEP Adherence Challenges for Young Black Gay Men

Revelations in Writing, Storytelling and Brotherhood by Long-Term Survivors

A captivating project for African-American gay men who are long-term survivors in San Francisco culminated in a powerful storytelling performance, captured in this article by long-term survivor Matt Sharp. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation program Black Brothers Esteem presented Our Stories, Our Freedom: Black Voices Transforming Shame & Stigma with three presenters who opened their hearts to the audience to tell their tales of shame, isolation, sickness and discrimination—but also hope.
BETA Blog: Revelations in Writing, Storytelling and Brotherhood