Disclosing your HIV status

When should I disclose my HIV status?

Disclosing our status is a big decision, and something that you might want to think about before you do it. Our staff at Positive Force are available to talk, and here are some articles with tips and advice on tell people you’re living with HIV.

Sharing your HIV status

AIDS.gov discusses the legal requirements related to HIV disclosure and things to consider before sharing your status with family, sex partners, friends and co-workers.
AIDS.gov: Do You Have to Tell?

Disclosure and HIV

The Well Project and thebody.com discuss how to prepare to tell people about your HIV, who needs to know (and who doesn’t), and how disclosure affects relationships.
thebody.com: Disclosure and HIV

To Tell or Not to Tell: Disclosing your HIV status

AIDSmeds.com offers disclosure strategies you can use when talking to a spouse, partner, significant other, family member, friend, coworker or medical or healthcare professional.
AIDSmeds.com: To Tell or Not To Tell

HIV 101: Do I Need to Tell My Dentist?

HIVplusmag.com discusses the reasoning for telling your dentist about your HIV.
HIVplusmag.com: Do I Need to Tell My Dentist I’m HIV-positive?

Should I Hide My Meds from Family and Friends?

If you live with roommates, family members or others, you may wonder about what to do with your HIV medications. HIVplusmag.com offers advice about storing your HIV medications and disclosing your status.
HIVplusmag.com: Should You Hide Your RX From Family and Friends?