“Fotohoto: Latinx and Beyond” Art Opening for Fabian Echevarria

Fri, Dec 7, 2018 8:00pm - 10:00pm
470 Castro St
San Francisco, CA 94114
Baruch Porras Hernandez

We are proud and very excited to have Fabian Echevarria returning to Strut for another exhibition!

Art at Strut was founded with Magnet back in 2003 and since then has been featuring the work of a different queer artist every month.

Join us to celebrate the work of local photographer Fabian Echevarria Friday Dec, 7th at 8 PM. All floors will be open at Strut for a party that will include free wine, and free snacks. Bring your friends tell everyone.

Fotohoto is a photo series that gets its title from the Spanish words “foto” and “joto,” which translate to “photo” and “faggot” respectively. I want to get the first thing out of the way and address the spelling of the word JOTO that some of you may have noticed. Growing up knowing, forgetting, and relearning Spanish has given me a unique experience as a gay Latinx man. There were instances in my life that I was shamed by others for not speaking Spanish fluently, not being straight enough, not Mexican enough, and being too gay. There is a constant pressure in society to chase the projection of an ideal. The intention of HOTO with an “H” is an acknowledgement of the off-center, nonstandard, “un-label-able” aspects of queer black and brown men, living in America, while also embracing our intercultural differences, shortcomings, and our journey of learning. I want FOTOHOTO to be a reminder of the beauty of ourselves and the perfect “imperfections” that make us who we are.

Artist Statement: “My name is Fabian Echevarria, and Fotohoto is an idea that grew into something I believe could be more impactful. I started with photographing my friends, who to me are beautiful. My friend would joke that I was putting the “hoto” in “photo,” which in part inspired the name. I love photographing the nude male, and turning that male gaze so prevalent in art and society, in on itself. When seeing the male nude, what vulnerability is seen, and what does it make the viewer feel about their own body? Our society has engrained in our minds the ideal male form, but I want to expand that. I speak to my QPOC friends, and often the partners they envision finding are not QPOC. This project is meant to embrace the QPOC form, in all the forms we come in. To combat the standard of the idealistic and unrealistic male form. It’s just the beginning. There’s more work to be done, and I hope this work will inspire other QPOC artists to embark on their own journeys to self discovery and self love. Each HOTO in this project is special, we walk our own paths but share a life experience.”