What to expect when coming in for an STI or HIV test

We’ll help you have a fulfilling, healthy and satisfying sex life by providing HIV testing and screening for other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) and, if you need it, treatment.

If you identify as a gay or bisexual man, and are currently HIV-negative, we recommend you get tested for HIV and STIs every 3 months if you are sexually active.

Services are provided on a first-come, first-served, same-day appointment system, or by scheduling an appointment online.

Due to our high volume and demand for services, we do not take appointments over the phone.

All services are provided free of charge. Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated.

What to expect at your visit

For STI screening only:

  • If you are not receiving an HIV test during your visit, you will meet with a registered nurse (RN). The RN will draw some of your blood for a syphilis test and will take throat and rectal swabs to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

For HIV & STI screening:

  • After you have checked in for your appointment, a phlebotomist will draw some of your blood for a syphilis test and two HIV tests. One HIV test is a rapid test that detects HIV antibodies and the other HIV test–which takes longer to get results back from–is an RNA test that detects the virus itself.
  • While your rapid HIV test is processing, you will meet with one of our certified HIV counselors (who might be either a staff member or volunteer). This person will review your HIV consent form and answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your sexual health.
  • The counselor will then perform throat and rectal swabs to check for chlamydia and gonorrhea. When your rapid HIV test is finished, a counselor will disclose that result to you. If you have sexual health questions that your counselor cannot answer, one of our providers, usually a registered nurse, will meet with you.

If you wind up waiting:

  • Please remember that the sexual health needs of our community are great—and we want to provide each and every individual with the care they need. Sometimes, we get backed up in the clinic.
  • Please know that we will spend the same amount of quality time with you as we spent with the individual who was seen before you!

If you are experiencing symptoms

If you are having symptoms of an STI, please make sure you tell your provider. Our entire clinical staff is dedicated to keeping you and your sex partners healthy. Once you tell us about symptoms, here’s what will happen:

  • One of our RNs or NPs will evaluate you.
  • If we cannot determine what is causing your symptoms, we will provide you with a referral to a higher level of care or to the most appropriate place that can address your needs.
  • If we are able to treat you, our clinical staff will make treatment decisions based on protocols that have been established by our medical director and that reflect the most current treatment recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • We will likely begin treating your symptoms on the day of your visit.
  • If clinically indicated, we can send you home with “partner packs” of meds for your sex partners. Please be aware that not all infections can be treated this way, so ask your provider for details.


We take your privacy very seriously. This is one reason why we do not discuss your test results over the phone. Please check the bulletin board in the clinic for a listing of our privacy practices. If you ask for it, we can give you a copy of our privacy practices. We will never give out copies of your medical records without your written consent.

Your rights and responsibilities

A copy of your rights and responsibilities and our House Rules are posted on the Community Board. If you ask for it, we can give you copies of our House Rules and your rights and responsibilities.

Termination of services

Unfortunately, sometimes we are not a good fit for some people. As a consumer, you have the right to choose a provider that best meets your needs. At Strut, we also have the right to terminate our relationship with you for any of the following reasons:

  • If you are verbally or physically disruptive, threatening, or abusive towards staff, volunteers, or patients;
  • If you fail to keep scheduled appointments or repeatedly abuse our appointment system;
  • If you are repeatedly non-compliant with your prescribed treatment plan; or,
  • If you fail to respond to us if we are trying to reach you for treatment.

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