Groups that support your substance use goals

If you’re interested in making a change to your substance use or alcohol use, there’s no need to go at it alone. Getting help and support will make it more likely that the changes you make will stick. Below, find organizations that can help you make a change—whether that means abstinence, reducing use or modifying how you use so that you don’t feel the impact quite so hard.

Professionally Led Groups Supporting All Substance Use Goals

The Stonewall Project
Harm reduction substance use treatment, wellness services, and counseling for gay and bi men.

Phone: 415.487.8043

Stonewall walk-in counseling
Monday to Friday, 4 pm

San Francisco AIDS Foundation,1035 Market Street, 4th floor, San Francisco

Stonewall by-appointment counseling at Magnet
Wednesday and Friday afternoons

Magnet, 4122 18th Street, San Francisco
To make an appointment, call Magnet at: 415.581.1600

Stonewall walk-in alcohol harm reduction group in the Castro
Tuesday evenings at 6 pm
4200 18th Street #203, San Francisco

Change your drinking habits for the better
These groups may be of interest if you’d like to drink more safely, be more in control of your drinking, reduce the amount you’re drinking, or quit drinking entirely.

Alliance Health Project:

Harm Reduction Therapy Center:

Peer-Led Groups Supporting Moderation or Substance Use Management Goals

Moderation Management:

Peer Led Groups Supporting Abstinence Goals

LifeRing Secular Recovery:

Smart Recovery:

Alcoholics Anonymous:

The Castro Country Club: