We ♥ our Strut volunteers. Want to help out? Apply today!

Strut, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation health center for gay, bi and trans men is current recruiting volunteers. Want to get involved, improve the health of people in our community, and make friends with our big group of fun-loving staff and volunteers? Now’s your chance!

Be a Socialite

Our Socialites provide the backbone of support for our special events at Strut. They help with events like our popular art openings, educational events and other community gatherings.

Perks of involvement: As a socialite, you get to attend fun community events like open mic-nights and drag shows! Usually, we need your help with set-up and tear-down, so there is opportunity for you to watch the show or participate in the event. And of course, we encourage Socialites to be social… to meet new people and have a good time!

This volunteer opportunity is best for: People who may work or have other commitments during the day. Most of the events the Socialites are involved in happen at nights or on weekends.

Time commitment: We ask that Socialites commit to helping at least once per month (but love it when you help out more frequently!). When you initially sign up, we ask for a total 6-month commitment.

Apply here: strutsf.org/volunteer (You’ll get instructions on next steps after you submit an application online.)

Be a Concierge

Our Concierges are a critical part of our health services. Without the volunteer hours they provide, we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high volume of HIV testing, PrEP services, and sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment.

Concierges sit at the front desk at Strut. They greet our clients, check them in and answer questions about our services.

Perks of involvement: If you volunteers as a Concierge, you will learn a LOT about sexual health, HIV and STIs. You will get to see how a sexual health clinic runs and will be the first point of contact for our clients. Many of our Concierges add their volunteer experience to their resume and/or use contacts made at Strut as references for jobs, school applications or other opportunities.

Starting as a Concierge is also a great idea if you’re interested in becoming an HIV and STI test counselor.

This volunteer opportunity is best for: People who are available during the work week since we need concierges to work during the daytime on weekdays. This volunteer opportunity might also be appealing to people who are interested in learning about sexual health and HIV testing and/or people who may be interested in becoming an HIV test counselor.

Time commitment: We ask that Concierges volunteer for at least two shifts per month (although we encourage weekly participation). Shifts are 3 hours long between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm. When you initially sign up, we ask for a total 6-month commitment.

Onboarding & training: Because you’ll be interacting with clients, all concierges complete a thorough training before they start volunteering. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Submit online application
  • Attend 1-hour information session (held monthly)
  • In-person interview (20 minutes)
  • Orientation session

Apply here: strutsf.org/volunteer  (You’ll get instructions on next steps after you submit an application online.)

HIV/STI test counselors

We’re not currently recruiting for HIV/STI test counselors, but will keep you updated when we are!

Test counselors complete a week-long (40 hours) training with the San Francisco Department of Public Health and are asked to make a 1-year commitment to Strut.