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Six Must-Ask Questions for Your Provider When Starting a New HIV Medication

Dr. Joanna Eveland shares a few things you should ask your doctor before he or she calls in a new prescription.
BETA Blog: 6 Must-Ask Questions

The Low-Down on Inflammation from an HIV Doctor

People with HIV are more likely to face chronic inflammation. Find out from HIV specialist Dr. Joanna Eveland what this is, why it’s a problem, and what to do about it.
BETA Blog: The Low-Down on Inflammation

“Undetectable”: What Does It Really Mean?

While the scientific definition of “undetectable viral load” is fairly straightforward—too little HIV present in a blood sample to be detected by standard monitoring tests—our interpretations of it can vary by context.
BETA Blog: What Does Undetectable Mean?

Ask a Pharmacist: The Journey to “Undetectable”

How can you get to an undetectable viral load—and stay there? Get an HIV pharmacist’s tried-and-true tips and strategies.
BETA Blog: The Journey to “Undetectable”

Meth, Crack, Coke & Ecstasy: Effects on HIV Disease Progression

Do stimulants lead to poorer health outcomes for people with HIV? Does antiretroviral use make a difference?
BETA Blog: Meth, Crack, Coke & Ecstasy

Ask a Pharmacist: Alcohol and Medications

Is it ok to mix alcohol and HIV medications? BETA Blog’s pharmacist offers tips on when it’s likely safe to drink if you’re taking meds and when to watch out.
BETA Blog: Alcohol and Medications

Shock & Kill: Progress in HIV Cure Research

A new type of drug has been found to help reduce the viral reservoir by “shocking” HIV-infected cells out of latency and making them more susceptible to a killing mechanism.
BETA Blog: Progress in HIV Cure Research

Get More from Your Medical Care: Seven Resources Show You How

These seven resources can help you understand how doctors think, boost communication with your medical provider (or find a new one), and keep up with regular appointments.
BETA Blog: Get More from Your Medical Care