Positive Force

WHO: HIV+ gay, bi and trans men

WHEN: contact our staff at pforce@sfaf.org, visit our calendar and see the information below

There’s a lot to know about being HIV-positive and staying healthy. We’re here to help.

Learn about living with HIV, address personal challenges you face with your status, and meet friends who can help you on your path as you take charge of your own health.

Get connected to care. We can help if you don’t know where to start or aren’t happy with the medical provider you currently have. We can also make sure you have the benefits you need for medical services and to pay for HIV medications.

Join one of the events below or get in touch with a Positive Force staff member to get started now.

1-on-1 Wellness Sessions with Positive Force

Talk with someone who’s been where you’re at. Maybe you’re not ready to deal with HIV and everything that comes with it. We’ve got your back and will help you figure out what you need to do, at a pace that’s comfortable to you.

PLUS Weekends (Positive Living for Us Seminar)

Get the support and information you need over two days spent together with other guys living with HIV, their allies, and our experts. Positive Living for Us Seminar (PLUS) is a weekend seminar that gets you on track for how you want to stay healthy, gives you great information and connects you to community.

Urban Adventures

Living with HIV starts with living. Join our monthly city excursions, make friends, and get connected to other HIV-positive guys who get what living with HIV means. Recent Urban Adventures have included bowling, plays, improv shows, BBQs in the park, speed dating, and more.

The Doctor Is In

Twice a month, our doc is in the house. Ask Dr. Joanna Eveland, an HIV specialist from Mission Neighborhood Health Center, all the things you wanted to ask your own doc but haven’t, in a judgment-free, informal place. Positive Force staff and members of the community are there for you too. Find out what other HIV-positive guys think about current health issues, or how they deal with sticky situations like revealing their status to sex partners.

Stay Current

Train your brain on HIV research topics and learn in-depth information from experts. Ask questions and connect with panelists and community members while learning about the latest hot topics. Previous topics have included when to start HIV treatment, the prevention and treatment of HPV and anal cancer, community conversations on how we have sex, and HIV and aging – among others.

Get In Touch

Contact our staff or email pforce@sfaf.org for more details and to set up an intake appointment.

View our calendar for upcoming events.

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