The Stonewall Project Enrolled Client Program

WHO: Gay, bi, and trans men who have sex with men who want help with drugs and/or alcohol.

WHEN: Services are offered at our two locations: 470 Castro Street and 1035 Market Street. Please see our calendar below for details.

If you want structured, personalized help with your use of drugs and/or alcohol, the Stonewall Project’s enrolled treatment program may be right for you. Wherever you’re at—confused about what to do about your drug/alcohol use, looking to make changes, or wanting to stop using altogether—you’re welcome here. Come as you are!

The Stonewall Project is a state-certified drug and/or alcohol treatment program where gay men and other men who have sex with men who use crystal meth, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, alcohol and/or other drugs can come to deal with issues they’re concerned about without stipulations. Everyone’s goals are welcome and can range from complete abstinence to controlled or safer use based on a desire to improve health, relationships or functioning in the world.

Once enrolled you will be matched with a skilled counselor for up to 18 months and attend two groups each week. We also offer a series of “elective” groups on topics like healing trauma, stress, anger, communication, sex and sexuality, and mindfulness.

If you’re looking for a walk-in groups, book clubs and more drop-in services, learn more about our Walk-in Program.

How to Sign-up

Meet with us: Attend a walk-in counseling session. Walk-in sessions are available any day Monday through Friday at 4 pm. If you’re interested in enrolling, tell the walk-in counselor and the counselor will complete a new participant form. The new participant form is your first step toward enrollment. During your walk-in counseling session the counselor will give you the information you need to start participating in the program at your pace. Not sure if you want to enroll? Don’t worry: Our counselors can explore the options available to you and help you decide.   (*Note: After you meet with a walk-in counselor and complete your new participant form, you may participate in services immediately by attending orientation, walk-in groups, and/or walk-in 1 on 1 counseling. Once you complete your intake you will be matched with a 1 on 1 counselor who will see you each week and you will be asked to attend two groups.)

New Participant Orientation / Orientation to Our Model of Care: After you sign-up (and the counselor completes your new participant form) you will attend three (3) orientation classes with other new guys. In orientation, you will be introduced to our approach and given an idea of what to expect from our program.

Meet with our Intake Coordinator: When we’re ready to match you with your 1 on 1 counselor, our intake coordinator will contact you to complete the next step: an intake appointment. At the intake appointment, the intake coordinator will ask you personal questions and complete lots of paperwork. After your paperwork is complete, you will be matched with your 1 on 1 counselor. After intake is complete, you’re fully enrolled in the program! Welcome.

After signing up this is what your week as an enrolled client will look like:

  • Individual counseling: Once a week you and your counselor will meet for a 50-minute counseling session.
  • Enrolled groups & elective groups: Every week you will show up for two groups that are a comfortable fit for you and that will support your interests and goals.

Download the Enrolled Client Calendar