Who We Are

The home for health & wellness

Strut is the home for health and wellness in the heart of the Castro. San Francisco AIDS Foundation opened Strut in January 2016 to promote health and wellness, to strengthen our diverse communities, and to reduce the impact of HIV in San Francisco.

We recognize that health has physical, emotional and social elements. Strut is a community place to find experts and support to manage all the aspects of health and build meaningful social connections.

We are a diverse community and our diversity makes us stronger. We all have the right to health regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender orientation, HIV status, age or economic status. We share the responsibility for our individual health, the health of our partners and the health of our community.

Our Services

We offer an array of free clinical services, behavioral interventions and community-building groups to enable you to be the best version of yourself.

Our Core Values

We believe we have the right to make our own decisions regarding health and well-being. We should always be at the forefront in matters that affect us as individuals and as a community. We share responsibility for our individual health, the health of our partners, and the health of our community.

We believe everyone has the right to access information and resources about our health and well-being in a dignified, respectful, and affirming manner. Beyond physical access, this includes access to information and resources that are culturally appropriate, meaningful, and available regardless of ability to pay. We have a right to access information that is current, relevant, and accurate.

Sexual Expression
We have a right to satisfying sex lives free from guilt and shame. We believe our sexuality is an integral component in how we define ourselves as individuals and as a community. Healthy sexual expression involves both our bodies and our minds. We share a responsibility for sexual health–for ourselves, our partners, and our community.

We believe in the value of diversity and that our diversity makes our community stronger. By examining our differences as gay men, we improve our understanding of each other. Only through actively exploring the differences in our experiences such as those based on race, ethnicity, age, HIV status or economic status can we create a more just community. Across all of our differences, we affirm our commitment to treat each other with dignity and respect.

We must be leaders in decisions that affect us and our community. In order to improve our lives, we must take chances and learn from our mistakes. Leadership involves a willingness to speak to what we feel to be true, even if it is unpopular. We value a sense of celebration, humor, and irreverence, which have brought us to our current place in history and will take us to the next.

Our Staff

Strut is the result of specially-trained, impassioned individuals who believe in supporting a healthy community. We know that the best way to achieve that is by providing personalized support. Learn more about who we are on our staff directory.

Learn more about career opportunities at Strut on the careers page of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation website.